Saturday, May 10, 2008

West Coast represent!

Here I am back on the West Coast at its little known poetry hub, Olympia, Washington. Birthplace of such poets as Sam Lohman, Michael Nicoloff and Lindsey Boldt. Home to poets Leonard Schwartz, Jean Lohman and prose stylists-poets David Wolach and Steven Hendricks. Pretty good for a scruffy little burgh, I'd say.

You fly-over states are probably wondering why I flew over. The simple answer is that I don't know anyone in the Midwest outside of Illinois and as a result would have no couches to snuggle up to. I'm not made of money folks. I would however, like to spend more time in the Midwest. I hear there's a pretty good little poetry scene going in Minneapolis.

Hey Southern U.S., you're next so don't feel left out. I don't know how you feel about poetry but uh, we can work something out.

Stay tuned for a full analysis of the state of poetics in the U.S., East Coast vs. West Coast Poetry Wars and how to fund your small press on trips to Atlantic City alone (I recommend the roulette. Red, baby red! Poetry needs a new pair o' shoes!.

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