Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nickelodeon Camera R.I.P?

About those pictures I promised you...well...they didn't turn out too well. I won't go into details but here's an example of the havoc and desolation that is my camera:
These were taken during the Barbara Guest Tribute reading at St. Mark's

If you would please, use your imagination, you'll see Charles Bernstein on the right and shoot, Susan Bee?

Wow, I'm going to say...Africa Wayne and Richard Tuttle.

If you squint your eyes, cross them slightly and turn your head a quarter turn North you should be able to make out Marjorie Welish here on the left and Anne Lauterbach on the right.

Uhhhgh. In those gaping black spaces, imagine if you would the photos you would like to see, the ones that shyness probably did not permit me to take or may not have happened in the first place ie: Bernstein and I mugging for the camera, he making the devil horns and I making the hang-loose sign; Marjorie Welish holding down the Brie with one finger so that I could slice off a piece (that really did happen); a crowd of handsome, young, literary types; a staring contest between Rena Rosenwasser and Erica Kaufman; John Ashbery making a toast to Barbara Guest with a champagne flute of bubbly water. You know, fill in the blanks.

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Brent Cunningham said...

I think I see Sirhan Sirhan in the middle one...

We miss u Lindsey Boldt!