Friday, May 2, 2008


I went to The Brooklyn Rail on Monday to help with production which in my case meant proofreading and ended up staying for a delicious dinner of thai food, wine, chain smoking and a rousing conversation with the Rail-ites and their editor Phong Bui. Sylvere Lotringer, philosopher and editor of Semiotext(e) came by and joined us for dinner or rather his visit was the impetus for the dinner. What was said, I'm having some trouble recalling now...yes, the illusion of choice in America and the creation of identity based on consumer choices ie: condiments at Subway and shoot if I can't remember anything else. Well, the whole thing rang of serendipity and synchronicity. Sharp young-folks sparring with established smarty-pantses all sitting around a big wooden table, digging into take-out, very picturesque. I laughed to myself on several occasions.

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