Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Press + Press + Press = Success (heh heh) again

Here are a pair of genii, Holly Melgard and Todd Harris. Genii are rarely seen in pairs and even more rarely smiling, so this really is an excellent specimen here. Holly will soon be a PhD student in the Poetics program at Buffalo. This photo was taken on Saturday. On Sunday Holly performed a new piece written for 8 metronomes and a Theramin. Insane! So few can pull off a multi-media reading as intricate as this one and Holly did. I was reminded of Hannah Weiner's performance work with The International Code of Signals. Really, she's one to watch folks. Holly edited Evergreen's literary journal, Slightly West, for two years I believe and bears the honor of being the first to publish many fine young poets. I am a HUGE fan.

During this staged lay-in on the sunny grass we decided that: a) inactivism is the new activism b) binaries are the new multiplicity

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