Saturday, July 5, 2008

Party photos


Just go to Clay's flickr page, that's all you need to know, visually speaking.

By the bye, Clay Baynes will be taking over Neily-Bob's position as Sales and Markteting manager.

SPD Party Up!

I should've mentioned before the party that the party was happening, really, but now I'm mentioning it now. The party was a goodbye one for me, Alli and Neil and a hello one for John, Tetra and Clay. Change of the guard! Crazy.

The party happened at the home of Juliana Spahr, Bill Lluoma, Charles Weigl and Sasha's house in Berkeley. What a place, what a garden, really. Thank you to them for their gracious hospitality.

There was a cake in the shape of a book with the words "Brave New SPD" written across it, delicious all around.

Laura read a fantastic speech by Jeffrey Lependorf, SPD's Executive Director and then sang each of the leaving SPD-ers college fight songs before then singing the new and improved SPD fight song.

Just for posterity's sake I have to clear up a little misunderstanding along the fight song lines. I did not in fact go to Reed College, I went to The Evergreen State College. I stand by Evergreen but hell Reed does sound a lot better doesn't? I'd say nothing just to have a gaggle of bay area poets continue to think that I went to Reed except for the fact that Evergreen's fight song is really superb and worth knowing. So with that, here it is:

The Geoduck Fight Song

words and music by Malcolm Stilson, 1971
Go, Geoducks go,
Through the mud and the sand,
let's go.
Siphon high, squirt it out,
swivel all about,
let it all hang out.

Go, Geoducks go,
Stretch your necks when the tide
is low
Siphon high, squirt it out,
swivel all about,
let it all hang out.

Thanks SPD for the great send off and for everything. Lucky are we who have toiled in your warehouse. Love, love, love.
*Photos are forthcoming.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SPDLand says, "Hello!" to Poetrylandia

Here I am back at SPD, at the old desk. John (Sakkis) is poeting in Greece right now and I needed the bucks so here I am. I can tell you that all of the SPD employees and cat are as charismatic and attractive as ever. Currently, MSG (Media Services Group)our database system is down (for repairs not of its own doing) so I'm amusing myself here. MSG and I go way back and during my time with SPD has acquired a few nicknames that I'd like to share with you:

Monosodium Glutamate

...that's really the best one. I'll forego the others.

Neil, Alli, Brent, Laura, Andrew, Jesse, Art? Do you have any you'd like to add?

...okay, I like these too: Maliciously Sluggish Gargomel, Malevolent SPAM Gobbler

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ecopoetics Panel

Here's what I like to call a "gang of smart". From left: Andrew Csank, Nick Smith and Laura Elrick

This panel hit harder than really anything during the whole conference weekend. Without going into detail now, I would just say, read Laura's paper Poetry, Ecology and the Reappropriation of Lived Space I was incredibly impressed by Nick and Andrew's presentations and would like to devote some time to a discussion of them. Let's start with Laura's paper and go from there. You can find my own analysis of her paper on my other blog . Boy talk about hogging space and resources. 2 blogs Lindsey? Really.
I have questions about blog growth and the motives behind them which I hope to come back to soon.

Oh! During the Ecopoetics Panel I learned that the internet is not in fact limitless (duh) and at this rate we'll run out of space by 2012. Is that figure correct? Anyone know more about this and care to share?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Journalistic Brilliancé

Andrew Bleeker and his hybrid journalism:Rise of the Lady Hurricanes Basketball in the Shadow of Emily Dickinson. Here's the article's preface to wet your whistle: "The following review consists of sentences lifted in full, yet recombined and out of context, from In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle by Madeleine Blais. The book documents the inspiring 1992–1993 season played by the Lady Hurricanes, a high-school basketball team in Amherst, Massachusetts. Our intrepid book reviewer loved it for several reasons. This review documents the struggle between amazing real-life achievement and the bizarre verbiage of Madeleine Blais."


Saturday, May 31, 2008

I lied

I in fact did not make it to the Aggression conference as the call of life-maintenance called, beckoned and harangued this weekend. Miss Boldt needs a job. So, instead, I recommend you check out these fellow blogs for reports on the conference.

Ms. Laura Moriarty's fine Atonalist Notes
Conference Blog
Mr Andrew Kenower's audio archive A Voice Box

Sorry I missed it, looks to have been quite the event. I'll see you all around PoetryLand soon.

Friday, May 30, 2008

AGGRESSION: A Conference On Contemporary Poetics and Political Antagonism

Eh hem! I interupt my trickling transmissions about the PRESS: Conference to announce that I'm back in the Bay Area and there's another incredible looking conference this weekend.

It is AGGRESSION: A Conference On Contemporary Poetics and Political Antagonism an SPT (Small Press Traffic)event organized by Chris Chen, Cynthia Sailers and Stephanie Young.

I will do my darndest to hit the highlights and report back eventually. More still forthcoming on PRESS as well. Don't worry, my head won't 'splode. Not if I can help it.

Good to be back in the Yeah! Area as Miss Alli Warren calls it.