Saturday, May 24, 2008

Press: Day 1 Reading

Press: A Cross Cultural Literary Conference kicked off with an excellent reading last night at The Evergreen State College featuring:

Laura Elrick
Zhang Er
Steven Hendricks
David Michael Wolach
Tung-Hui Hu
Tom Orange
Jules Boykoff

Besides being a total blast from the somewhat recent past for me and somewhat overwhelming in that regard, it was also one of the most engaging readings I've attended in recent memory.
Favorite lines of the night:

"a viagra niagra" - Laura Elrick
"fish soup dissolves the imagination"- Zhang Er
"impressed with his own Catholic posture despite his dormant Judaism"
"friendly fire will love you forever/friendly fire always and forever"-David Michael Wolach
"do squirrels ever say fuckit?"
"global village idiots"
"the revolution will not be re-formatted in the Chicago Manual of Style"- Jules Boykoff

Beyond singular lines, it was an exciting evening full of energy and a sense of play. I'm a fan.


Rodrigo Toscano's Collapsible Poetics Theater
Kaia Sand
Roger Farr
Kristin Prevallet
Leonard Schwartz
Mark Wallace

I have to go run off to a panel now but you'll be hearing from me soon! Pictures coming soon as well!

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