Friday, April 25, 2008

Bah! So man readings!

Dang dude, there are a lot of poetry events this week. The Flarf Festival started yesterday, Thursday and will last 'til Saturday. Ugly Duckling hosts a reading at their workshop in Brooklyn tonight. Charles Alexander and Ron Silliman read tonight at CUE Arts in Chelsea. I believe there's a reading at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn as well. More tomorrow and Sunday. Wowee. This country (San Francisco) girl's head is spinning. "Shooot, these buildings sure are tall!" = "Boy oh boy there sure are a lot of readings this week!"

Be assured that I'll have somethingto say about any and all readings I do end up attending.

I want to say that I realize that this blog has a flagrant dirth (sp?) of image content and I just want to say, if you're patient, you'll be pleasantly surprised and rewarded. I brought with me my favorite camera ever, a Nickelodeon 35mm camera that takes four pictures on one regular 35mm frame with which I have been snapping away. The camera itself is a great conversation starter as it is purple plastic with a splash of green slime, very attractive. Once this film is developed, you'll be so stoked you won't know what to do. We're talking chaotic, absurd, random pictorial narratives including some of your favorite small press stars. Just you wait.

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