Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ecopoetics Panel

Here's what I like to call a "gang of smart". From left: Andrew Csank, Nick Smith and Laura Elrick

This panel hit harder than really anything during the whole conference weekend. Without going into detail now, I would just say, read Laura's paper Poetry, Ecology and the Reappropriation of Lived Space I was incredibly impressed by Nick and Andrew's presentations and would like to devote some time to a discussion of them. Let's start with Laura's paper and go from there. You can find my own analysis of her paper on my other blog . Boy talk about hogging space and resources. 2 blogs Lindsey? Really.
I have questions about blog growth and the motives behind them which I hope to come back to soon.

Oh! During the Ecopoetics Panel I learned that the internet is not in fact limitless (duh) and at this rate we'll run out of space by 2012. Is that figure correct? Anyone know more about this and care to share?

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eggtooth said...

the internet will run out of space in 2012,at this rate....?
are you serious?
i wonder if it will run out in december,you know, like the mayan calendar...
yowza, i guess i better get on writing that great poem.