Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Day at SPD

Oh beans. Today is my last day at SPD. Things are winding up nicely. I shook the crumbs out of my keyboard, did a quick swipe for grime with a damp paper towel, played with the cat (who climbed onto my shoulders and tried to eat my hair), received 1 box of books, wrote to my dear publishers whom I will really miss, took orders from my dear customers, gave away my desk objects (plant, robot, book girl action figure), made a list, boogied in the warehouse and sent emails with lots of exclamation points to my co-workers. It's sad to leave but good to launch into travel mode.

Would that I had my digital camera so that I could post some pictures with this my first post but alas, I do not. We had a GREAT pizza party yesterday including 3 count 'em 3 pizzas, 3 count 'em 3 litre bottles of soda, salad and rousing conversation about poets across the country, celebrities and Sean Penn's post-Madonna-breakup poetry. Prime photo opportunity. I really felt like I was at a seven year old's birthday and that I was the birthday girl.

Tonight the youngin's of SPD go for drinks and then on into the weekend and semi-permanent weekend for me.

Actually, this is exciting, this weekend the first reading of THE NEW READING SERIES at 21 Grand happens this Sunday. Alli Warren and Brandon Brown host/curate this new series. Here are the details:

March 30, 6:30 pm = HOT FUN

Lyn Hejinian & K.

Silem Mohammad

21 Grand / 416 25h St / Oakland CA / 3 dollars

The reading is EARLY, 6:30, and a reception is to follow. No alcohol on tables at 21 Grand, but BROWN BAGS are VERY WELCOME. Stephanie Young as IPOD DJ following the reading.

I'll be there and so should you be. So stay posted, folks. There will be plenty more out of me. Post SPD time starts in T-minus 58 minutes. In the meantime, hello from SPD land. SPD loves you.



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